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The Kennels

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Take a moment to become familiar with the true stars of our Hunt, the Hounds! Since 1969, RMH had been one of two Hunts in America that exclusively hunted English foxhounds. Although for many years they served our English huntsmen well, they were not well suited for our country, where cropland became forest and the forest became cutovers, the scenting became more difficult. As the land changed, we needed to change to a breed of hound with improved scenting capabilities.  In 1999, our masters made a decision to move from English hounds to Penn-Marydel hounds.

This began in earnest with the arrival of our new Huntsman, David Raley in 1999 and introduction of Penn-Marydel hound.  Today our pack is all Penn-Marydel and with David’s training, our hounds were showing us some of the best sport in years.   With David's departure in 2011, he left us with one of the best Penn-Marydel packs in the nation. Master and WhipperIn Garry Riggs "carried the horn" for the 2011-2012 season and provided the membership with some of the best hunting we have ever experienced. Drew Daley started with RMH as Kennelman, quickly developed a love of Foxhounds.  He became our Huntsman in 2014.

Long before hunt season even begins, the huntsman starts working the hounds. Hound exercise is the first step. Not only is it for the physical health of the hounds, but it also teaches young hounds to work as a team ...a pack. Late summer and early fall young hounds are introduced to the pack. To aide in their education, their collars are linked with an older and experienced hound. Hence, foxhounds are usually counted by the number of "couples"; i.e. 12 couple equals 24 hounds. They not only learn how to hunt, but more importantly how to hunt as a pack. The whips and volunteers from the hunt help to train and exercise the hounds.


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In 2012, Drew Daly became our full-time professional Kennelman and the hounds have never been happier! In 2014 Drew was "promoted" to be our Huntsman and proved he has what is takes.   Everyone is looking forward to his second year hunting hounds!

Meet the 2015-2016 Hunt Staff / Whipper-Ins



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Drew Daly: Huntsman!

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Joint Master and Whipper-In Garry Riggs

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Carol Riggs  serves as Whipper-in.
PHT_3550.jpg (117743 bytes) Jackie Heron and Betty Dewar serve as Whipper In since 2014.

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