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Foxhunting has a certain mystique that too often has discouraged many interested people from pursuing the sport. Part of this is the sport's reputation for being a past-time of the wealthy. The Red Mountain Hounds (RMH) takes pride in being a club that offers congenial family-oriented fellowship, healthy outdoor activity and a love of horses and hounds to anyone who can afford to own a horse.

RMH and Kennels operate out of Rougemont NC, 20 minutes north of Durham. RMH is an organized and recognized hunt which complies with rules and regulations of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. Red Mountain Hounds hunts on Wednesdays and Saturdays plus additional days for joint meets with other Hunts and holidays.

The social interaction and non-competitiveness of foxhunting at RMH is what is unique and special to this equestrian discipline. Mounted on horseback, you become part of nature’s theater-through the thick of the Carolina woodlands and meadows. Hunt breakfasts are held after each formal hunt. Joint meets will often take place out-of-town. Additionally, the hunt sponsors Horse Shows, Terrier Races, hunter paces and numerous social activities including the preseason party, landowners party, the Hunt Ball at Treyburn Country Club and the End of Season Party.

Meet our Officials:

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Huntsman Drew Daly 

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Irmgard Hill was a founding Master when the hunt split from Triangle Hunt in 1969. She has been active in the MFHA for many years.

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Garry Riggs, Joint Master since 2001 

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Ronnie King became Joint Master in 2011


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Dell Edwards, Honorable Hunt Secretary.  email:redmountainhounds


Frequently asked questions about Fox Hunting

What type of horse do I need to fox hunt?

To hunt a horse, of any breed, it should be sound and sensible. To begin a season of hunting, a horse should be fit enough for a vigorous one hour trail ride. Conditioning for the longer hunts, 2-4 hours, evolves through the season of hunting itself. A horse’s feet need to be tough against gravel and rocks to avoid bruising and one may consider front pads. The most mandatory quality required by a rider is control over his/her mount. This is critical to the safety and enjoyment for oneself and other riders. Fox Hunting is a learned discipline for most horses. They will learn to gallop sensibly in a group, stop quickly, stand quietly and maneuver  around obstacles.

How experienced a rider must I be to fox hunt?

To foxhunt, a rider should be confident and comfortab1e at a walk, trot, canter, and hand gallop. They should have some experience trail riding and riding with a group. Experience in jumping would be helpful but not mandatory as jumping is optional. Beginning riders and new horses frequently start with the Hilltoppers. The Hilltoppers follow behind the main "Field" and keep a comfortable pace yet still enjoy the excitement characteristic of hunting. So there are many options and levels in which riders and horses new to fox hunting can participate.


When I’ve seen pictures of fox hunting, the riders are wearing the traditional attire: hats, coats, breeches and tall boots. What attire is required?

Fox hunting is a sport based on tradition and convention, thus proper attire is required. However, a newcomer doesn’t need to immediately purchase hundreds of dollars worth of riding apparel. A hard hat must always be worn while hunting. Formal attire consisting of : a plain black or dark hunt style coat with a white shirt, with a white stock tie and plain gold pin, tan or buff breeches, and tall black boots, is always proper. Leather boots are desirable, however rubber or leather-like ones are acceptable. Newcomers are encouraged to outfit themselves with the basic formal attire before rushing into more expense. This same philosophy applies to tack and equipment.

Isn’t fox hunting "a rich man’s sport?"

There is a subscription fee to join a Hunt. Subscription fees are different for students, individuals and families. It’s small compared to the cost of competing in a season of horse shows. The current fee for an individual membership is $1275. This fee helps to cover the costs of the huntsman’s salary and the year-round care and management of the hounds and kennels. All other expenses and labor are volunteered.

Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to hunt on a weekly basis, a Social Membership is available for $135 per season. Social members receive the hunt newsletter, and invitations to special events. Social members may also hunt 3 times per season at the cost of $40 per hunt.

Family Membership$1775,  Student Membership $675, Junior Membership $675

Capping Fee Seniors $50, Juniors $25

For more info about Red Mountain Hounds, download the RMH Booklet.

Quotes from members

The wonderful country side, the spontaneity and pageantry of the hunt, fox hunting gives me something fun to do with my horse every Saturday and Wednesday during hunt season. Prior to joining RMH, it was difficult finding a group of friends who would be available to ride especially if the weather was a bit dreary. Catherine Stevens

I’ve shown Jumpers all my life. I find that my horse enjoys fox hunting and the reprieve from the show circuit. Riding in the hunt field seems to make him a bolder jumper. My friends at the shows want to know my "secret" training techniques. Jim Hayward

I’m not a real competitive person and but I enjoy riding cross country. A good horse, good friends, and beautiful country, what more could you ask for? Stephie Child MFH

Growing up, I enjoyed riding western pleasure and rabbit hunting with my beagles. Foxhunting is a perfect combination of my love of horse and hound. Gary Riggs MFH



If you plan to Cap with Red Mountain Hounds, please contact the Honorable Hunt Secretary, Dell Edwards, email:redmountainhounds  Be sure and download the appropriate wavier forms listed below and bring the signed copy to the Hunt.

Adult wavier

Junior wavier


Red Mountain Hounds welcomes new members and invites you to contact us for additional information regarding foxhunting.



Red Mountain Hounds,

c/o Steve Long, PO Box 1058, Roxboro NC 27573


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