It is always sad to end the hunt season.  Fortunately the Wagstaffs host a great end on Season Party.  It is not only a time to reminisce over the years hunts and announce awards for the year.

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Joint Masters Irmgard Hill and Bruce Dalton award Junior Colors to Adrian Wagner, shown here in the blue shirt with red tee-shirt.

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Gary Riggs was awarded a hunting horn for his help hunting the hounds following Peter's accident.  Gary who serves as a whipper-in, hunted the hounds for several months until Peter's recovery.

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Suzanne Little was awarded the "Nurse Maid" award for her efforts to nurse Peter back to health.


post4.jpg (46832 bytes) Earl Capps won the Purple Heart/ Half Nelson award hands down. 


The Half Nelson refers to becoming dislodged form your horse when he rears up.

post2.jpg (27876 bytes) Sue Hemphill was awarded the Honorary Hunt Button.   This award is given to members without colors for their service to the Hunt.


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Ronnie King was awarded the Fred Cockeril Award given in honor of our retired huntsman.